Are you a valid SilverStar Season Pass Holder?

If so… good news!

Bannister GM Vernon would like to extend our offer to SilverStar Mountain Resort Season Pass Holders or SilverStar Bike Park Season Pass Holders a discount of $750.00 on any new conditioned vehicle purchase(s).

In order for the pass holders to receive the discount, we ask that they provide us proof with their season pass before or at the time of purchase. The Season Pass must be a valid year and not a previous season. We will extend the offer for the entire year up until the new season start date. If after the start date, we will need the most current pass.

Bannister GM Vernon greatly appreciates the business relationship we have with SilverStar Mountain Resort and we look forward to continuing it for many years ahead.

If anyone should have questions, concerns, or are in need of any other information regarding this discount, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

Happy Shredding!!

Want to head up to SilverStar??