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Genuine GM Parts – When Only the Best Will Do. Have you ever bought an aftermarket auto part that was supposed to fit your GM vehicle perfectly but you ended up taking it back because you just couldn't get it to fit properly? Or, how about the "just as good as" aftermarket part that you paid good money for but that wore out in half the time as the original part that it replaced? All of the parts on your GM vehicle are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications – your replacement parts should be too.

Same as Original - There's only one place where you should go for parts for your GM vehicle – your GM dealer. Genuine GM parts are the same as the high quality parts that were installed on your vehicle when it rolled down the assembly line. The same quality and exacting specifications are built into every part that we install or you buy at your GM dealer. There are over 404,000 parts in the GM catalogue and all of them are manufactured to the same standards of quality and performance. Your vehicle is a complex machine and it costs you a lot of money – why would you trust its reliability and performance to cheap aftermarket parts that could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Need for Speed? - Want a bit more performance? Your GM dealer can set you up with performance parts that have been proven on the racetrack. We can even help you with those hard to find parts for your restoration project. Have you been involved in an accident? All of our collision parts are the same as the original parts that came on your vehicle. The same fit and finish, corrosion resistance, and structural integrity. Best of all, genuine GM parts come with a warranty that's backed by GM dealers across Canada. Now that's what you call peace of mind. When you need parts for your new or older GM vehicle, make sure that they are genuine GM parts – just as good as original.



Wouldn't it be great to save almost half the cost of maintenance for up to the next 7 years of your new or pre-owned vehicle ownership? With the General Motors Maintenance Plan, you can do just that.