Paint Protection Film

Why do I need Paint Protection Film on my vehicle?

Let us ask you a question... Do you put a screen protector on your mobile phone or tablet?

It’s the same idea... but instead of saving hundreds of dollars on a new screen for your mobile phone or tablet, you can save thousands of dollars by protecting your vehicle from potential risks such as: stone chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar stains, automotive fluid stains, and punishing outdoor weathering.
The film does not alter the appearance of your vehicle, or its surface texture, yet offers peace of mind protection against damaging elements. Our Paint Protection Film has a 10 year warranty from the date of purchase, and includes coverage against defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.


Maintains Showroom Appearance | Prevents Head Light Hazing & Pitting | Invisible | Protects Paint | Cost-Effective

Some Quick “need to know” facts about our Paint Protection Film Installs (seen in the below images).

  • Our Installers ensure to maintain a 1/8” or less gap to maximize protection. There are absolutely no shortcuts with our installs.
  • Typical Installers / DIY Kits tend to leave a 1/2” to 3/4” gap around the perimeter, leaving exposure for damage that may have been preventable.

You get what you pay for...


*Note these are only examples of the damage you can save.